Manufactures of Quality Paper Corrugated & Printing Box, Rolls & Sheets

Valuable Clients



Some of Our Valuable Customers
Sr. No Client Name
1 Agrinos India Pvt. Ltd.
2 Softbox Systems Pvt. Ltd.
3 Bajaj Electricals Ltd.
4 PCI Ltd.
5 BD Industries Pvt. Ltd.
6 Nikita Industries , Asangaon
7 Soma Industries, Asangaon
8 Reliable Garments, Kanjurnarg
9 Vin Semiconductors, Mulund
10 Seloi Healthcare, Mulund
11 Nirmal Industrial Controls, Asangaon
12 Jeevan Industries, Asangaon
13 Lokbeta Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
14 Robonik India Pvt. Ltd. Ambernath
15 Nova Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd, Ambernath